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Who am I? I am an old soul. I am someone who loves and appreciates the small things in life. I am a computer nerd with a passion for cybersecurity, ethical hacking, coding, programming, and web development. Two things I love being most in this world is an aunt and a cat mom.

In my blog, you will find posts about my journey in life and the passions that fill it. I plan on doing some writeups or walkthroughs from a few platforms that show off my penetration and ethical hacking skills as well as write about the importance of cybersecurity in this digital age. I will share tutorials, mainly focused on computer things/tricks I’ve found or picked up over the years. And then some posts will be more lifestyle related and also personal.

The purpose of my blog? I love connecting with people. I hope anyone who reads my posts will find them either helpful and/or inspiring.

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